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Rundfunk- und Verwaltungsrat des Rundfunks Berlin-Brandenburg
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Responsible for online content:

Dr. Jan Schulte-Kellinghaus
Director of Programming, rbb

Responsible for the website “The Berlin Wall – A multimedia history”

Bastian Sorge
Inforadio, Head of Multimedia News
Julia Oelkers

This interactive website is based on the DVD series Mauerjahre – Leben im geteilten Berlin, DOKfilm (2011), and on the series Leben im Schatten der Mauer (2011) and Mein 13. August (2011), which were produced by the rbb news programmes Berliner Abendschau and Brandenburg aktuell.

The geodata used to show the course of the Wall was kindly provided by the Berlin Wall Foundation, Bernauer Strasse 111, 13355 Berlin, Germany.

Video producers

Annette Dornieden, Georg Berger, Wibke Harms, Christoph Hölscher, Jochen Kienbaum, Karoline Kleinert, Susanne Papawassiliu, Lutz Pehnert, Dagmar Pfeiffer, Peter Scholl, Christine Stellmacher, Frank Stuckatz, Matthias Werner, Dagmar Wittmers, Kathrin Zauter, Ulli Zelle


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